Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun Stuff

Here are a few fun things that I have found or am working on:

. Hubbersty Maddison Tweddell:

I have found a record for a Hubbersty Maddison Tweddell. That's right - "Hubbersty" as a first name. While I have found Hubbersty used as a middle name this is the only record I have of a Hubbersty as a first name.

Hubbersty Maddison Tweddell was born to Francis Tweddell and Ester Harrison (married
24 APR 1797 Saint Clement Danes, Westminster, London, England) on April 26, 1799 and christened 12 JUN 1799 at Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London, England. He married Augusta Mary Arntz on 22 NOV 1838 at the British Embassy Chapel, Paris, Seine, France! That also happends to be the only record I have for a Hubbersty getting married in Paris.

So where does this Hubbersty come from? There are a few clues. One is that his birth was in London around 1800 and the spelling is without the "e". This hints at it relating to the "london" line.

We had a Susannah Matthews marrying a Zachary Hubbersty in the late 1700's. Her brother John Matthews had a son named John Hubbersty Matthews, born Nov 11, 1796.

We also have a Francis Matthews Tweedle born 21 July 1796 Ayr, Scotland to Jacob Tweedle and Ann McTaggart. And if that isn't enough we also had a Francis Scotland Tweedale christened 04 DEC 1814 at Wells Street Scotch Church, Saint Marylebone, London, England.

It also seems that Francis Tweddell had another son, Francis, born 24 JUL 1800. This son (or possibly the father) looks to have married Ann ? and lived in France as we have a Henry Tweddell (b. 1828) and a Martin Fenwick Tweddell (b.1819) born in France in the late 1820's.

Getting back to Hubbersty Maddison Tweddell and Augusta Mary Arntz. They had three children Maj. Francis Tweedell, Jane Tweddell, and Julia Augusta Tweedell. .......

There is a connection somewhere.........

2. Cantrell-Hubbersty

There is this notice in the London Gazette with Queen Victoria authorizing Albert Cantrell Hubbersty to use Cantrell along with Hubbersty.

Whitehall, February 3, 1894.
THE Queen has been pleased to grant unto Albert Cantrell Hubbersty, of Felley Abbey, in the union of Basford, in the county of Nottingham, Esquire, late Major and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, 3rd Battalion, Derbyshire Regiment, Lieutenant - Colonel Commanding and Honorary Colonel (1892), 1st Battalion, Nottinghamshire (Robin Hood) Rifle Volunteers, in the Commission of the Peace for the counties of Derby and Nottingham, Her Royal licence and authority that he and his issue may take and henceforth use the surname of Cantrell in addition to and before that of Hubbersty, and that he and they may bear the arms of Cantrell quarterly with their own family arms; such arms being first exemplified according to the laws of arms, and recorded in the College of Arms, otherwise the said- Royal licence and permission to be void and of none effect: And to command that the said Royal concession and declaration be recorded in Her Majesty's said College of Arms.

The coat of arms is a mix of Hubbersty and Cantrell. The Hubberstey part of the inscription is "Propositi Tenax" which, for those whose Latin is lacking, means "Firm of Purpose"!

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Amy Reinhart said...

Hubbersty Maddison Tweddell is my GGGGrandfather. I too wonder where his name came from. The information was not passed down. I wonder if he was named for a close friend?