Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Samlesbury part 5 - destination Canada

It is fascinating to see the family tree branch off not once, but twice to Canada. The closest common relative of the two branches is the family of Thomas Hubberstey and Barbara Hawksworth. Their son Thomas starts one branch and another son John starts the other. (more details are available in the previous post)

Connection #1 - Thomas:

John Robert (b. 1899, Bolton) married Dorothy Pemberton (b.1901, Stratford on Avon). They lived in Bolton and had 2 children, Dorothy and Bryan. Bryan became an architect and in 1957 married Marguerite Hafner from a small village in Switzerland. Early in 1958 they moved to Montreal, Canada where they had three children.

Connection #2 - John:

Robert, son of John Hubberstey and Mary Bradley, was born in 1852. He married a Margaret Ann Wilson in 1877. Their son Robert was born in 1884. Robert moved to Canada as well, but he headed further west, to British Columbia (BC). In Fernie BC he married Christina Dingsdale (of St. Helen's UK) in 1909.

Connection#3 - Susannah:

Susannah Mary Hubberstey, daughter of James Hubberstey and Ann Copple (James Hubberstey/Swarbrick line) married a Ralph Thomas Webster in Ontario Canada.

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