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James Hubberstey and Margaret Bamber

James Hubberstey and Margaret Bamber

As noted in the last post James and Margaret had 7 children.

Mary b. 1832: Mary married an Abraham Barlow and had children Margaret b.1861 Mary Alice b.1863 John b.1865 Ann b.1867. By the 1871 census they were living at 24 Canute Street in Preston. It was a bit complicated to work out whether it was this Mary that married Abraham, or Mary (daughter of Alice) as they were both born at almost the same time. However in the 1871 census we see that also living at this address is Alice Derome and her 2 children Margaret Agnes (b.1867) and William (b. 1869). Alice is listed as a widow (see next entry).

Alice b. 1840. Alice Married John Derome in 1859. For children see Mary above. For a bit of extra confirmation note that both of Mary and Alice named their first children Margaret (the name of their mother).

Ralph b. 1833. In the 1851 census, Ralph, then 17 is listed as a piercer living at 43 Frante Street Preston with Margaret and the other children. He marries Anne Helme (b. approx 1831) in 1860. Four children are listed in the birth records, Elizabeth b.1862, Margaret Ann b.1863, James b.1866, and Ralph b.1867. In the 1871 census all are listed at 6a Golden Street, Preston, with Ralph as a Cotton Winder. By 1881 Elizabeth is no longer listed and I can find no marriage record for her. Margaret A. dies in 1888, aged 25 and James dies in 1893, aged 27.

Ralph, listed as an errand boy at age 13 in the 1881 census, is still at home with his parents in the 1901 census and listed as a brushshop assistant, aged 33, and living at 45 Egan Street North, Preston. I can find no record of Ralph marrying. By the 1911 census he is living with his father.

William b. 1837 married Mary Hughes in 1858. They do not appear to have had any children of their own, but may have taken in 2 nieces...see John Below.

John b. 1835: John married in 1857 a Rosannah Kearsley by the marriage record, though the 1861 census has Susannah living with John and her mother, surname Kerby. In the census John was listed as a self active mender and they were also living with their daughter Ann(astasia) b. 1860. Another daughter Emily was born in 1864.

Emily looks to have married Henry Pye in 1887. By the 1901 census they are shown as having 3 children, John William b.1889, John Hubberstey b.1891, and George b.1895. It is interesting to again see the use of Hubberstey as a middle name. Husband Henry is listed as a trolley engine driver with the family living at 36 Peter Street, Preston.

By the 1871 census there is no record of Susannah or John. Instead we have the 2 girls living with and Mary at 48 Hannover street Preston. William and Mary are listed as cotton spinners and Anastasia (age 11) is listed as a cotton weaver. Anastasia is still living with William and Mary at the time of the 1891 census. William dies in 1891, but Anastasia and Mary are listed in the 1901 census living on Ripon Street Preston. Anne and Mary are also listed as living together in the 1911 census.

Joseph b. 1842: Joseph is on the 1851 census, but I have been unable to find any records after that time. There is a death of a Joseph "Hubbersley" listed in 1854, so that is a possibility.

James b. 1831: James married Mary Ann Compton (Crompton?) in 1855 and by my count had 8 children, many of whom died quite young. The children were James b.1857, Mary Alice b. 1861, John William b.1863, Elizabeth Ellen b.1865, Margaret b.1867, Margaret b. 1869, Mary Ann b.1869, Joseph b.1872. By the 1871 census James was an Overlooker at a cotton mill and Mary Ann a cotton weaver. John, Elizabeth and Mary were the only listed children at that time (under Hubberstry). They were living at 10 Loronley Street, Preston. James died in 1887 and Mary Ann in 1883.

By the 1881 census the family is living at 17 Hammond Street, Preston and James is a Beer Seller. The only children listed are Elizabeth Ellen, Mary Ann and Joseph. By 1901 Mary Ann had married William Starryaker (Sturzaker?) in 1888 and was living in at 55 Bornewood in Blackburn. Elizabeth was living with them there as well. It looks like the address on Hammond Street is not surprisingly .. a pub. There is more info - and a picture - on the pub (The Princess Alice Inn) ... here.

Son Joseph married Ellen Graham in 1892 in Blackburn. By the 1901 census they lived at 174 Georgia Road, Preston, where Joseph was a Mineral Water Bottler. He and Ellen by then had 4 children, Mary b. 1892, Elizabeth b.1894, Agnes b.1896 and William b.1900. Subsequent to 1901 they went on to have quite a few more children (at least 4) - Winifred (b.1903), James (b.1908), Jessie (b.1910) and Theresa (b.1910), with it looking like Theresa and Jessie were twins.

Without later census records it is a bit hard to track marriages, but it does look like:

Agnes married Richard Henry Dewhurst in 1926 and had two children (Richard Henry Dewhurst - 1927 and George Percival Dewhurst 1930).

Jessie married Alfred Fry in 1937 

Theresa married William Worral (norman?) Vickers in 1934 and had five children - Norman (1935), Joan (1936), Brenda (1939), Roy (1941) and Diane (1946). The first two were born in Preston and the last three in Coventry. 

Winifred married James Whittaker Gould in 1934 and had a daughter Patricia in 1938.

Mary - no further information

Elizabeth - no further information

William - May have died in WW1 in 1918.

James - James is the only outstanding person who may have continued this line of Hubbersteys on the male side. It is a bit difficult to track as there were a number of James Hubbersteys at that time. The most likely case is that he married Elsie Byers in 1942. There were two children from this marriage - Keith and Irene. Keith died in infancy and Irene looks to have married Peter Craven and had a child Martin Peter Craven.

Interestingly children of Joseph and Ellen also seem to have used the Hubbersty spelling. This is one reason why the Hubbersty/Byers marriage is likely from this line.

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