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John and Isabell (Weaton/Waiton/Eaton) - Robert and Jane

This post follows the descendants of John Hubberstey and Isabell Weaton/Waiton/Eaton. Obviously there was some confusion over the spelling of Isabell's surname, but it seems quite clear that this was in fact always the same person. As I noted in the previous post our best guess is that John was the son of John and Elizabeth, but we do not have concrete confirmation. Our best support is only circumstantial though we do also have the family tree that shows this relationship as well. 

This line comes out of the North Preston region, an area that includes Fulwood, Woodplumpton, Fernyhalgh, Broughton, Cottam, Haighton Green, Goosnargh, and Whittingham. If you add up all of the Hubbersteys in the 1901 census, a large percentage can trace their line to these areas.

The records show John and Isabell marrying on Oct 24th 1780 and having 7 children.  The children were Robert (b Nov 18, 1787),  Elizabeth (b. Dec 8, 1789), Maria (b.March 29, 1792), William (b. June 26, 1794), Helena (b. Feb 2, 1797),  Isabella (b. July 19, 1799) and  Thomas (May 28, 1803).  Robert, Elizabeth and Maria were christened at St. Mary Newhouse Roman Catholic Church very very close to Woodplumpton (with the mother's surname spelled Waiton). William, Isabella and Thomas were christened at St. Mary's church in Fernyhalgh, literally just down the road from St. Mary's Newhouse (with the mother's surname listed as Weaton) .

I recently found that daughter Isabella likely married a James Bonney, a 28 year old joiner, in 1824. Other than Isabella, I have only been able to trace relationships for Robert and Thomas. Since the descendants of both are numerous I will follow the line for Robert on this post and for Thomas on the next post.

It looks as if Robert first married Elizabeth Trelfall and had a daughter Elizabeth. He the married Jane Trelfall in 1813 (possibly her sister) and had five more children.  Both Robert and Jane appear to have been born around 1787-1788, and both lived well into their 70's. They lived on a farm in Sharoe Green Lane (near what looks to now be a golf course), Broughton (Fulwood?). Robert listed his birthplace as Woodplumpton and Jane as Liverpool (?). Their 6 children were born at Broughton (Thomas, William, Agnes, Edwin, Elizabeth and John).

In the first census records in 1841 Robert has all of the children at home. By the 1851 census the daughters have married and only William and Thomas remain at home. Son John is living next door. So we have:

Elizabeth (b.1811): (Elizabeth's mother is listed as Elizabeth Trelfall, not Jane on the Christening record) Elizabeth married Richard Bradley in 1844 and lived next door to her parents. Her brother John also lived with them. By the 1851 census they had 4 children (Elizabeth, Edward, Jane, and William).

Agnes (b. 1825) : Agnes married Henry Pearson in 1850. By 1901 she was 75, widowed and living with her brother Edwin on Fulwood Row.

Edwin (b. 1827): Edwin (Edvardus) married Ester Gardner. Then in 1893 he married Mary Jane Dobson. They were listed together on the 1901 census, along with his sister Agnes Pearson.

John (b:1819) John does not appear to have married. He lived first with his sister Elizabeth and then with his brother William. He died in 1896 at the age of 77.

Thomas (b. 1832): Thomas married Margaret Kelly, from Ramsey, Isle of Man, in 1865 and lived in West Derby. They do not appear to have had any children. Thomas died in 1893.

William (b. 1817): William married Margaret Hall from Goosnargh in 1859. They had 4 children (Jane, Mary, Robert and William). In the 1861 census they are listed as living at 11 Sharoe Green Lane, living with parents Robert and Jane and their first daughter Jane. They were also living next door to sister Elizabeth and her family (with husband Richard Bradley).

In the 1881 census they were still living at Sharoe Green Lane. William died in 1882 at the age of 65. By 1901, Margaret was living with her children Mary, Jane and William, all apparently unmarried, at The Grange, Broughton.

Son Robert (b.1866) married Catherine (b.1866) in 1890. In the 1891 census he was listed as a school teacher in Skipton, Yorkshire. By the 1901 census Catherine is listed as a widow with 4 children (Margaret b.1892, Agnes b.1893, Mary b.1895, and Winifred b. 1898).


In 1901 (post census) it appears that William married Jane Moon and that they had at least 5 children - Margaret (b.1902), Ellen (b.1905), Mary (b.1907), John (b.1910) and William (b.1912).  I have not been able to confirm if either of the sons married and had children, but one of the daughters did have a son while unmarried and this son had descendants that still carry the Hubberstey name and so is the second example (the other being Rose Alice) where the Hubberstey name was carried on through the female line.

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