Monday, March 1, 2010

Links to other lands

Going through the Hubberstey history there are a number of instances of Hubberstey leaving the UK and heading off to foreign lands. For the most part they headed to the USA and Canada, but there were also a few that headed elsewhere.

1. Richard Nathan Hubbersty spent time in India and New Zealand before settling in Cornwall.

2. Robert Hubberstey from the James Hubberstey/Ann Swarbrick line headed to South Africa.

3. Thomas Hubberstey was the son of Robert Hubberstey and Cicely Fazackerly.
Thomas (b. 1822) was at Ampleforth where he was listed as a general professor. On a later census he is described as Professor of Languages. Thomas is believed to be Thomas Cyprian Hubbersty, who died in Melbourne, 1865
 4.  A descendant of Rose Alice Hubbersty moved to New Zealand.

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