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Kendal - Wirksworth

At left is a photo of the gravestone of Nathan Hubbersty (died March 27, 1799) in Haygarth in Docker, Kendal. Nathan Hubbersty was the father of Rev. Nathan Hubbersty who we will meet below. (Thanks to Nigel for the picture)

ust about all Hubbersteys today trace back to the Preston/Blackburn area. There is however one line that existed in the Wirksworth, Derbyshire area for quite a while. This line had some prominent members and was notable for one other reason; its earliest individual for which we have reasonable records was Rev Nathan Hubbersty, Church of England. This is striking because Hubberstey, at least in the Preston/Blackburn area has been pretty much a "Catholic" name. It seems though that outside of this area many were Church of England, as there are also a few other listings for "Hubbersty"s as Reverends at the Church of England site.

By the 1901 census however, there appeared to be only 3 members left of this family. While it may look as if this line was about to disappear, in reality it seems to have continued, as least for a while, in a slightly different "Cantrell-Hubbersty". Here is the complicated story of this line.

A distant starting point?

The earliest reference to a Hubbersty in the area is to a John Hubberstey {with an "ey" ending} (reference here - Wirksworth records), but this reference is not very detailed at all. It does however indicate a possible longer term relationship between a few families in the area. It appears that a granddaughter of a John Hubberstey (Mary Haine) married a George Tomlinson April 30, 1730.

One of the children of George Tomlinson and Mary Haine was Philip Tomlinson. He married a Dorothy Wood and it is one of their daughters, Mary Dorothy Tomlinson, who provides our link back onto the Hubbersty line.

Haygarth, Docker, Kendal:

But before we link up, let's take a step back to the earliest direct ancestors of this line. We start with Nathan Hubberstey (b. 1722, d. 1799), whose gravestone is pictured above. Nathan married Elinor and had at least 2 children (John b. 1770 and Nathan b.1767) in the Haygarth, Docker, Kendal area. It looks as if John stayed closer to home (he was buried with his parents), while Nathan eventually made it to Wirksworth.

There is some archival information on the Haygarth Docker property which is interesting and hints at Nathan's ancestors. Unfortunately so far it has not been possible to pin anything down directly. We do know that there are documents, starting in 1726 that mention a Thomas Hubbersty and various transactions (leases, mortgages, etc.) about the property. They also mention Agnes as the mother of Thomas. There are a few tantalizing leads to head back further, but so far nothing concrete. Some of the properties in the area however did manage to stay in the family hands for some time, as we shall see later on.

On to Wirksworth:

This is where the clearer part of the line in Wirksworth starts. We begin with Rev. Nathan Hubberstey (b. 1767, d. 1828), who attended Clare College, Cambridge and who was also the Headmaster for the grammar school at Wirksworth. He married Mary Dorothy Tomlinson in 1801 and they had 6 children (Nathan, Mary Dorothy, Phillip, John, Henry, and Agnes Eleanor). Mary Dorothy died at age 23, while Agnes (d.1892) married Price Wood (one has to wonder if there is a bit more family line crossing going on as it was Philip Tomlinson who married a Dorothy Wood, but so far I have not found any eveidence of this).

There are a couple of good links for this line. First is a pedigree chart HERE. There is also the longer record HERE. The pedigree charts also note that there was a John Hubbersty, indicating that John may have spent time in Wirksworth as well.

We also have this cute comment from a Mary Brown:

Reverend Hubbersty's family in Wirksworth visited Aunt's family at Wood End. They had a daughter my age, and two sons older, Philip and Nathan. When I was a little girl I liked Nathan; he became a preacher in the English Church, and Philip a lawyer. Years afterwards I saw Philip at Hollins and Fritchley on business, but I did not tell him I was Mrs. Swettenham's little niece.
On the male side of the line:

Nathan: Nathan's first wife was Margaret Emma Hurt (d. 1845). He had 5 children with her (Richard Nathan, Charles John, Henry Alfred, Mary Margaret, and Margaret Emma) and then remarried after her death to Eliza C. Hartopp. His first child was Richard Nathan. It does not appear that any of the male children had children themselves.

One note from the pedigree chart. It shows a Margaret Emma (daughter of Nathan and Margaret Emma) born 1840. Other records show her born Nov 18, 1845 and marrying Francis White Popham on April 16, 1872 in Shanklin, Hampshire.

There is an interesting post at Roots Web HERE, and HERE about Richard Nathan Hubbersty.

He joined the army at 19 and went to India, but went to New Zealand on sick leave, then returned to England in 1868.. Then back to India, and on to Burma. He retired as Hon Lieut. Colonel in 1885. He died unmarried in Cornwall in 1886 aged 47. His father, Nathan, was Curate of Alderwasley. Richard Nathan descended from the famous HURT and ARKWRIGHT families.
There is also a much longer and fascinating post on Richard Nathan Here (go to the bottom of the page and read the note from John Harper in New Zealand).

Also a Reverend like his father, Rev. Nathan Hubberstey studied at St John's college in Cambridge and received a BA in 1827 and by 1829 was apparently the head master of the Wirksworth grammar school. He also had a number of correspondences and even a hike or two in Wales with Charles Darwin.

The connection with Darwin is doubly interesting when you find out that one of Nathan's sons, Henry Alfred, married Philip's daughter Francis Augusta (they being first cousins). I was wondering what Darwin would have thought about it, then realised that Darwin himself married his first cousin.

The only information I have been able to find on Charles John is that he had a business as a barge owner (Hubberstey and Co.) at Victoria Docks, Essex, but died in Cheadle after living in Bury where he had been a Lime Agent.

John: John appears to have married an Ann G. ??? and had two daughters, Adelaide and Constance.

Philip: Philip was a noted lawyer who (b. 1806, d. 1882) married Augusta Cantrell, and this is where "Cantrell" enters the picture. They appear to have had least three children. The children that I have found so far were Francis Augusta (b.1842) (who married Henry Alfred as noted above), Albert Cantrell (b.1843), and William Philip (b.1840). In the 1901 census we find Francis Augusta still living with Henry Alfred. The BMD records show the death of Henry Alfred in 1922 (aged 80) and the death of Francis A. in 1925 (aged 84), both in Chapel en le Frith (Derbyshire).

I should note here that Nathan and Philip, (and likely John) maintained possession of substantial landdholdings in the Kendal area throughout this period.

Docker Hollins Farm. With plans.Owned by Rev. Nathan Hubbersty and Philip Hubbersty. Customaryhold.
Also: Patton Patton Hall Farm and land. With plans.Owned by Rev. Nathan Hubersty and Philip Hubbersty. Freehold.
Also: Orton Enclosures and cattlegates in Orton. With plans.Owned by Rev. Nathan Hubbsertsy and Philip Hubbersty. Customaryhold
Also: Staveley - Nether Borwick Fold Farm. WIth plans.Owned by Rev. Nathan Hubbersty and Philip Hubbersty. Freehold.
Also: Whinfell Enclosures in Whinfell. With plans.Owned by Rev. Nathan Hubbersty and Philip Hubbersty. Freehold
From the London Gazette we get a description of lands that were to be sold in 1870 that had been part of the estate of John Hubberstey (d.1833), whose tombstone is pictured above. We also get a listing of the various family members and their positions at that time.

...that on the 10th day of May, 1870, the Reverend Nathan Hubbersty. of Eastwell Hall, in the county of Leicester, Clerk, Richard Nathan Hubbersty, a Captain in the 89th Regiment of Infantry, now stationed at Fermoy, in Ireland, Charles John Hubbersty, a Captain in the Merchant Navy, now on board the bark Halton Castle, of Liverpool, Henry Alfred Hubbersty, of Collingham, in the county of Nottingham, Land Agent, Mary Margaret Hubbersty and Margaret Emma Hubbersty, of Eastwell Hall aforesaid, Spinsters, Philip Hubberstey, of Wirksworth, in the county of Derby, Solicitor, William Philip Hubbersty, of Burton-upon-Trent, in the county of Stafford, Solicitor, Albert Cantrell Hubbersty, of Alfreton, in the county of Derby, Solicitor, Frances Augusta Hubbersty, of Wirksworth aforesaid, Spinster, and Agnes Eleanor Wood, of Wirksworth aforesaid, Widow of Nicholas Price Wood, Esq., (deceased)

Philip's son Albert eventually became Col. Albert Cantrell-Hubbersty, married Martha Lydia Jessop (Dec 6, 1876) (Martha was the daughter of William Jessop, Esquire, of Butterley Hall in the county of Derby) and so far I have found five children, WCE (or William Philip Cantrell-Hubberstey) (b.1878), George Albert Jessop (b.1882 d.1928), and Augusta Margaret (b.1879), Mary Frances (b.1892) and Edward DeBurgh (b.1888).

A note on Albert's (though listed a Arthur) rank of Colonel...and a link to the Robin Hood Batallion is here from 1908.
7th (Robin Hood) Battalion, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) ; Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant and Honorary Colonel Arthur Cantrell Cantrell-Hubbersty, from the 1st Nottinghamshire (Robin Hood) Volunteer Rifle Corps, to be Lieutenant-Colonel with the honorary rank of Colonel, with precedence
as in the Volunteer Force. Dated 1st April, 1908.

It appears that for a time Albert Cantrell resided at the Felley and its Priory. There is an article with pictures HERE.

The house was let to a number of tenant farmers until in 1 8 8 6 Albert Cantrell Hubbersty, J.P., of Higham near Alfreton took it over, and after adding the drawing room block on the south and the kitchen on the north end lived in the house until 1895/6.
There is also information about the Cantrell-Hubbersteys at The "New Ragdale Hall"
The “New Ragdale Hall”, built in 1785 in the Late Georgian period by the 6th Earl Ferrers in the neoclassical style, was a large, cemented building, considered modern for its time. It was situated on an elevated position north of the village of Ragdale, and was surrounded by an ornamental water-filled moat.
...until 1908 when it was finally purchased from the Earl Ferrers Estate by Albert Cantrell-Hubbersty. The Cantrell-Hubbersty family ran the Hall and estates for the next 50 years and, being a fervent hunting family, were the mainstay of the Quorn Hunt and kept fox-hunting alive in Leicestershire through two World Wars.
With regard to the Quron Hunt we do know that Major P Cantrell-Hubbersty was the acting Master from 1940-47, and Mrs P Cantrell-Hubbersty from 1948-51. The last quote above brings us to the late 1950s and that's as far as I have gotten on this line so far.

It looks as if at least 3 of Albert and Martha's children did marry. First there is the marriage of William Philip Cantrel to a Phyllis Hermione Mary Bethel (b.1880) on February 7, 1923. What is interesting about the marriage is the background of the bride. She was the daughter of William Bethel and the Hon. Mairi Myrtle Willoughby, who in turn was the daughter of Henry Willoughby, 8th Baron, Middleton. The article on the left by Simon Blow mentions his great aunt Phyllis Cantrell-Hubberstey - (double click on the image to enlarge it for viewing).

Augusta Margaret Cantrell-Hubbersty married John Henry (Percy) Hales in 1898 and they had at least one daughter, Helen Margaret Hales (b.1908).

George Alberet Jessop Cantrell-Hubbersty married Hilda St. M. Willoughby in 1913. He filed for divorce in 1921 and died in 1928.

Edward DeBurgh Hubbersty married Elinor Leech. The only other mentions of him that I can find is HERE, where he is listed as living at 2 Aston Road Ealing, Middlesex in 1926, and also Here in 1940 where he is listed as "residing at The Rectory, Gedling, in the county of Nottingham. Gentleman, of no occupation" with regard to a bankruptcy issue.

Update: Thanks to Joan who discovered this blog and contacted me we now also have a picture of Edward de Burgh Cantrell-Hubbersty from 1917 when he was part of "C" Company No. 14 Officer Cadet Battalion in Fryth, Berkhamsted.


Unfortunately, up until now, I have not been able to determine if there are any currently surviving members from this quite fascinating line.

A note on Cantrell:

There is this notice in the London Gazette with Queen Victoria authorizing Albert to use Cantrell along with Hubberstey.

Whitehall, February 3, 1894.
THE Queen has been pleased to grant unto Albert Cantrell Hubbersty, of Felley Abbey, in the union of Basford, in the county of Nottingham, Esquire, late Major and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, 3rd Battalion, Derbyshire Regiment, Lieutenant - Colonel Commanding and Honorary Colonel (1892), 1st Battalion, Nottinghamshire (Robin Hood) Rifle Volunteers, in the Commission of the Peace for the counties of Derby and Nottingham, Her Royal licence and authority that he and his issue may take and henceforth use the surname of Cantrell in addition to and before that of Hubbersty, and that he and they may bear the arms of Cantrell quarterly
with their own family arms; such arms being first exemplified according to the laws of arms, and recorded in the College of Arms, otherwise the said- Royal licence and permission to be void and of none effect: And to command that the said Royal concession and declaration be recorded in Her Majesty's said College of Arms.

                                          Double click image above to enlarge.

Update: Located AC Cantrell-Hubbersty (57), Mary Cantrell-Hubberstey (9) and WJC Cantrell-Hubbersty (23) on the 1901 census. They had been listed as Cantrell-Hubbersby. AC Cantrell-Hubbersty is listed as a Magistrate and Bank director. Judging from the number of servants listed (11), they were probably rather well off

Update #2: we have the following entry.

Phyllis Mary Hermione Bethell (26 Apr 1880-8 Sep 1962); m.7 Feb 1923 William Philip Cantrell Cantrell-Hubbersty (24 Oct 1877-22 Mar 1947)

This ties in above with the entry on the Quron hunt, with William Philip being the acting master until 1947 (the year of his death), and then his wife taking over after that. It also appear, given the birth dates that WCE and WJC Cantrell-Hubbersty are William Philip.

Update #3: From the BMD records it appears that
Albert C C died in 1915 at the age of 72 in Melton Mowbray
George AJC died in 1928 (age 46) at Bingham. George does not seem to have been picked up in the 1901 census.
Martha L C died in 1910, age 52 also in Melton Mowbray .

Update #4: Augusta Margaret Crantell-Hubbersty married John Henry Hales.
They had a daughter Henry Margaret Hales, born Nov 2, 1908. She married Thomas Leonard Bousfield HUSKINSON in 1929.

Update #5: The last record I have for a Cantrell-Hubbersty is the death of Mary Frances (daughter of Albert and Martha) Nov 7, 1980 (b.1892) at Milton Farm, Westcott, Dorking, Surrey.
Previous to that is the death of Phyllis Mary Hermione Cantrell-Hubbersty, Sussex, Widow, on Sept 8, 1962.

and Georgina Winter Cantrell-Hubbersty of Twickenham August 18, 1960 - I have no record to match with her birth.

Finally a good source for all the Wirksworth records is:


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