Monday, March 1, 2010

Old "Hubbersty" lines

Looking through the "way back" records it is clear that there were clusters of Hubberstys/Hubbersteys outside of the Preston area. These areas were around Lancaster, Yealand Conyers, and Fallen Yew/Underbarrow/Kendal. From these clusters we have two lines that emerged and migrated to different areas. Both lines seem to come from areas around Kendal, not far from Hubbersty Head.

The first line originally migrated down to the Wirksworth, Derby area. The second line for the most part headed to London. The next two posts trace these lines until, on the male side at least, they run out in the 1900s. They are interesting because in many ways they have more documentation and are perhaps more colourful than the Preston lines. The other key point is the lines look to have been Protestant as opposed to the mainly Catholic lines from the Preston area.  

The Wirksworth line

The Fallen Yew line

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