Sunday, March 28, 2010

A few thoughts on my process and what remains outstanding. 

As I continue to get e-mails from people interested in Hubberstey history I get the chance to go over the work I have done and sometimes find new clues, or updated information that helps fill in more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle (and yes, there are still outstanding issues).

To summarise, I went through all the census records starting from 1841 and going forward to the latest one, 1911. I then mapped out all the Hubbersteys and made connections between the different census reports. I also worked from very old records of births and deaths and baptisms (1700's - early 1800's). When I put the two together I was able to find where older lines had carried forward to the present.

I identified two different lines. The Hubberstey/Culcheth line went back to the late 1600's and the Hubberstey/Bamber line to the late 1700's.  Of course I would love to know if these two lines are connected. If so, then all Hubbersteys can trace back to Robert Hubberstey and Mary Culcheth. If not, then there may be another joining up point, but probably further back.

Here is the big missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Robert and Mary had 6 children, three boys and three girls. Two of the boys we have records for (William and John) and one we do not, James. Also in the period 1730-1820 (pre-census) we have quite a few Hubbersteys that I can not trace living in the Preston/Samlesbury area. To make things even more difficult many are named James, John, Robert and William. The main question is "do these Hubbersteys connect to Mary and Robert, or do they come from different Hubberstey families, likely from the Wyresdale area near Garstang?" Of course the last possibility is that they could be descendants of a brother(s) of Robert (who we suspect came from the Wryesdale area).

That then is the biggest outstanding question. I have lots of Hubbersteys in the 1730-1820 period, but the records are incomplete and there is no apparent way to trace them from generation to generation. So ... I am looking at a few other possible ways of mapping them out, plus as more old records are put in line I may get some more help.

The most interesting piece so far comes from a question someone had about a John Hubberstey and Elizabeth Horn that lived in the Preston area around 1800.  John's first son was named James (born 1784), and his second son was named John. Based on what I have seen with other Hubberstey families, this makes it quite likely that John's father was named James (families seem to name their first born son after its grandfather, or sometimes after its father). If so this would make him a likely candidate to be the son of out heretofore untraceable James Hubberstey son of Robert and Mary. To addd an interesting element the third male child was named Robert (possibly after Robert and Mary???).  The first female child is listed as Maiam (Mary???), which if naming conventions were followed might be John's mother's name.

I guess my next step is to lay out all the Hubbersteys I can find from the area ... need more floor space.

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