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William Hubberstey (eldest son of Robert) - Line 1A - 1

This is the line through which Sorbrose House in Samlesbury (discussed here) was passed along until almost the present day.

William Hubberstey was apparently the eldest son of Robert Hubberstey and Mary Watson. We don't have a birth date but we can guess that he was probably born between February 14, 1767 (when Robert and Mary got married) and 1774, when the next oldest son (John) was born.The best guess based on the marriage record is 1772.

William married Deborah Whittle April 17, 1822 at St. John in Preston (Deborah was 34 at the time). The record notes that William was a "Widower of Alston in the Parish of Ribchester", indicating of course that this was likely his second marriage. Going through the records, we have a William Hubberstey marrying an Agnes Rich in 1794 as a "possible" match, as there were not that many William Hubbersteys at the time.

By the time William married Deborah he must have been getting on in years (50 ish?), but they did manage to have three children, Robert (b.1823 d.1892), Mary (b.1825 d.1893) and James (b.1828 d.1902). Mary married Harry Eaton Blackledge (who died not long after the marriage so there were no children), James married Ann Lever (b.1834 d.1901), and Robert appears not to have married.

There is this from the Preston Chronicle June 4, 1892.
Death of Mr. Robert Hubberstey - After a few weeks illness Mr. Robert Hubberstey died at his residence, Sorbrose House, Samlesbury on Monday. The deceased gentleman was very well known in the town and district and was highly respected. He was elected guardian for Samlesbury in 1889 and was returned at the last election unopposed. He was a very energetic Conservative, and evinced a warm interest in the coming election for the Darwen division. Death was caused by heart disease . Deceased was in his 71st year, was never married, but leaves a brother and family and sister. The funeral tool place in the churchyard of St. Marys Church, Samlesbury, on Thursday.

On the male side then the line continues through James and Ann who had 9 children:
William b.1860 - married first Mary Rose Cooke, the Emily Elizabeth Lynch
Selina b.1863 - married Anthony Livesey
Mary b.1874 - married  James Balderstone
Robert b.1876 - married Esther Hannah Worsely
Annie b.1873 - married Robert Holden
Deborah b1863 d.1863
Deborah b.1866 d.1871
Richard b. 1869 d.1875
Mary b.1861 d.1873

William: married first Mary Rose Cooke in 1895. They had two daughters, Anne Cicely (b.1896) and Mary (b.1898). Mary Rose looks to have died in 1913, with William remarrying in 1922.

Annie: married Robert Holden in 1901. They look to have had at least one daughter, Elizabeth, in 1911. From an ancestry post we know descendants moved to Australia.

Robert married Esther Hannah Worsley in 1906. They had 5 children, Robert (b.1907), Gertrude (b.1908), William (b.1909), Frederick Gerard (b.1910 d.1933), and Hilda (b.1919).

Robert married Edith Eastham in 1934 and they had 2 children, a son and a daughter.
William married Freda Little and they had 10 children, 5 sons and 5 daughters.
Frederick Gerard married Annie Bamford in 1936 and they had 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters.

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