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John Hubberstey and Alice Bamber

John Hubberstey and Alice Bamber

As we noted in the last post John and Alice had 5 children. There is a lot of information for the last 2 children (William and James), so it does get a bit complicated.
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I had originally not been able to trace the family in the 1851 census and based on a death record had thought that Alice had died in 1847.  However thanks to a reader of this blog, who was doing research on a different family, we now know that in 1851 widowed Alice was living with her sister Elizabeth (who had married a Richard Walmsley) along with children James, William and Alice at 88 Moor Lane in Preston. (It turns out that the census transcribers had written Hubberstey as Hubberstoy)
Alice b.1837: Alice married James Lamb in 1860. By 1871 they had a son William (b. 1867) and were living in Bury in a caravan. James Lamb was described as a travelling photographer. Also in the fairgrounds caravan area were another photographer family, a clown and his family, and a travelling confectioner. By the 1881 census they were living in Preston (Northcote Road), but there were no children listed. In the 1901 census Alice Lamb is living with John, the son of her brother James (see below)!

Mary b.1831: I have not been able to find any information on Mary.

Ralph b. 1833: Ralph died in 1847

William b.1835: William married Priscilla Baxendale in 1859 and there are records showing births of 4 children, John William (b.1860, d. 1860), John b.1861, Mary Alice (b.1865, d.1865), and William (b.1866, d.1867). By the 1871 census John was the only surviving child. The family is shown as living at 181 North Road Preston with William as a Grocer. By the 1881 census William is listed as a Master Turner employing 4 and he and Priscilla were living at 5 Hygenie Terrace, Ribbleton. Priscilla died in 1899.

John Hubberstey (a solicitor) married Jane Ellen Gregson in 1888. By the 1891 census they were living at Hygenie Terrace and had two children, Margaret (Margery) b. 1890 and John b.1891. They later had 5 more children Dorothy b.1893, William Edward b.1895, Mary b.1896 Robert b.1900 and James b.1903.

John Hubberstey
From some posts on we also have additional information on this family. Margery died of the flu in 1919 and John died at Ypres in 1914. Dorothy married a James Hynes and had 2 children (John and Peter). William Edward married Theresa Catherine McManus in 1924 but they did not have children. Robert died in the 1970's with no children and James married Violet Cocker and together had three children (John, Paul, and Jane). The children of James all married, with John and his wife having 2 children and Paul and his wife having 3.

Jane Ellen Gregson and daughter Margery (Marty)
(identity of young girl not known)
Dorothy as a young girl

At the time of the 1901 census William was age 66 and described as a master builder. John and Jane Ellen's family lived at 2 Lombard Terrace, Garstang Road.

James b.1829: James married Ellen Dolphin (b. 1830 d.1895) in 1852 and all together they had 12 children! By the 1871 census they were living at 21 Brougham St. Preston where James was a Grocer's Porter. The children were listed as John (b. 1853), Ellen (b.1854), Alice (b.1857), William (b.1859, d.1944), Richard (b.1862), Frances (b.1864). Mary Dolphin, sister-in-law was also noted at the address. By the 1881 census, James is described as a Labourer for Paviors. There are two additional children, Ignatius (b1872) and James (b.1874). John, Ellen, and Alice are no longer listed, but there is a Richard Dolphin, brother in law. It is interesting to note that they had three children named James (1861,1869, and 1874).

Ellen looks to have married Edward Ainsworth (a millwright at the Works) in 1877 and by 1881 had 2 children John b.1879 and James b.1881. They were living in Blackburn.

Alice married John Worden in 1879 and at the 1881 census they were living on the same street as John and Ellen. They were at #36 Hammond Street and John and Ellen were at #17. John was listed as a Cotton shiner and Alice as a cotton weaver.

Richard: Richard married Lucy Caroline Snelham in 1887. As far as I can see they had no children that survived (though there appears to have been 2 children born to a maiden name "Snailham" - Ellen (b.1888, d.1890?) and Margaret (b.1891, d.1893?) . While the parents are listed on the 1901 census, the children were not.

John: John  (top left in the picture) seems to have married a Mary Banks, though I can not find a record of the marriage (in the photo are John and Mary as well as their daughter Fanny and son John and an unidentified young boy - thanks to John in the UK for these photos). John is listed in 1881 as a Cotton taper living at 33 Shakespeare Road in Preston. There are records for the following 10 Hubberstey children to a mother, maiden name Banks: Elizabeth Ellen b.1875, Reuben b.1877, James b.1879, Mary (b.1881, d.1885?), Francis (b.1884, d.1885?) Alice b.1885, John, (b.1888, d.1889) John b.1890, and Fanny and Mary b.1892.

By the 1891 census there were 5 surviving children (Elizabeth E, Reuben, James, Alice, and John). The 1901 census also showed Fanny, but not Mary who was also born in 1892 (along with Alice and John still at home. (Total family - 5 on the 1901 census). Reuben does not appear on the 1901 census, though he does appear to get married in 1903 (so it looks like he was missed in the census), and neither does James.

From the records I have been able to find it appears that Elizabeth Ellen married George Naylor and that John (pictured at left in front of the "Hubberstey's" shop in Preston) may have married Sarah Hindle in 1917. He emigrated to Canada (Montreal) along with his sister Alice.

James (pictured on the left with his brother John) married Mary Calderbank in 1907 and they had three children; Alice (b.1908), Mary (b.1914), and James (b.1920).

Reuben married Alice Robinson in 1903. They had 7 children; John (b.1904), Ellen (b.1905), Mary Winifred (b.1907), Joseph (b.1910), Alice (b.1913, d.1913), Robert Gerrard (b.1914) and Alice (b.1920). I have been able to find marriages for all the male children. John married Eileen Bruen in 1930, Joseph married Selina Garret in 1936, and Robert Gerrard married Margaret Wareing in 1946. All of these three couples had children so this part of the line has quite a few descendants. 

Ignatius: Ignatius married Susannah McNamara in 1895 and by the 1901 census they had a son Thomas b.1897. I have not been able to find a marriage for Thomas, however he is one of very few candidates to be the William Hubberstey (born around 1895) that married on the Scilly islands around 1918 (maybe he was Thomas William) and had two sons Rodney and Frederick.

William: William married Ann Shuttleworth in 1881. By the time of the 1901 census was an agent for the Burial Society and Ann was a hosiery manufacturer. They lived at 144 Elliot Street, Preston and had 7 children listed on the census - Theresa b. 1883, Mary b.1885, Joseph b.1887, Ann b.1890, Aloysius b.1893, Rose L. b.1896, and William b.1900. WilliamWilliam's father James was also living with them. 

I have only found additional information for Joseph (b.1887). He married Ann Moss and they had two children - Joseph (b.1914, d.1989) and Josephine (b.1928). Josephine married and had three children and Joseph married Muriel Williams in 1944. They had three children as well. 

James: James (b.1874, d.1944) married Elizabeth Webster. They had a son Thomas (b.1903, d.1965) in 1903. There also appear to have been two other children, John b.1899, d. 1899 and Elizabeth Ellen b.1900, d. 1901, but they died very young. James emigrated to the USA and is listed as a widower in the census, though I can find no certain record of Elizabeth's death. There is though the death of an Elizabeth Webster in 1946 in Lancashire, with the same birth year.

Son Thomas also emigrated to the US, not knowing where his father was living, but eventually was able to locate him.  Thomas married first Minnie Cooper and had two sons, Robert T. (b.1929, d.2003) and James G.(b.1927, d.1974), and then Genevieve Jordan (b.1916, d.2000). He later married Vinette Alden and there was an adopted son William. (There is more on this family on the foreign lands page Link .)

NOTE: I know this post is a bit confusing, so if you are part of this line and would like a printout of the relationships just send me an e-mail.

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Peter Hynes said...

I am Peter Hynes the remaining son of Dorothy (Peg) Hubberstey who married James Hynes.I have the calling card purse of my mother's sister Margery, which still contains some of the original visiting cards.The name on the card is Margery Hubberstey. My mother always refered to her sister as Marty, as did my Uncle Jim and Uncle Bob.The address on the card states the address as 4 Lombard Terrace Preston.I hope this information is of interest. I also have numerous photos of the Hubbersteys

GreeneTimes said...

Hi Peter,

I'd love to see any photos that you could send my way - I don't really have any of your part of the line.

Interesting about the address (4 vs. 2 Lombard Terrace). Did they live next door, or was the census number wrong? I assume Lombard Terrace no longer exists (can't find it on Google earth), do you know what part of town it was in?


Anonymous said...

ingraHi Chris. Peter is quite right about the name Marty. Lombard Terrace is not a street but a terrace of houses on Garstang Road Preston more or less opposite English Martyrs church